Saturday, May 23, 2015

REVIEW: Tibetan Cross by Mike Bond

Tibetan Cross by Mike Bond
Publishing information: Kindle
Publisher: Mandevilla Press; 1 Oct 2014
ISBN: 9781627040129
Copy: Provided by publisher
Reviewer: Tyson

Synopsis: "An American climber in the Himalayas stumbles on a shipment of backpack nuclear 
weapons headed into Tibet for use against China. Pursued by spy agencies and other killers 
across Asia, North Africa, Europe and the United States, he is captured then rescued by a 
beautiful young woman with whom he forms a deadly liaison. They escape, are captured and 
escape again, death always at their heels. A terrifying international manhunt and stunning 
love story, Tibetan Cross is a European best-seller. "

I found Tibetan Cross while looking for new books to review and the synopsis and the cover really sold me. The idea of a thriller taking place in an exotic and relatively unknown locale really appealed to me. 

While I have never read a Mike Bond story before I found his style a little to terse. His dialogue is choppy and I don't like it. His characters talk in an infodump style that you rarely find in real life regardless of the situation. The action scenes are also hard to follow. As someone who reads a lot and many of them being action-thrillers, I found myself either not caring for what happening or having to jump to conclusions in order to follow it. Many of his characters take massive damage and they don't even slow down. I like larger than life heroes but I don't want to read about unrealistic survivable wounds. 

I had a real hard time trying to finish this book as there was a lot to swallow, while he seems to have down well with his research in matters of the military and politics, Bond had some difficulty with keeping things manly and yet staying within the realm of possibility. I wanted to like Tibetan Cross but after only a few chapters found myself watching the percentage left in the book spiral upward towards the 100% mark. Tibetan Cross was a huge disappointment.

Overall 5/10

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